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Flamenco Orient – Originals

Kader Fahem was born in Algiers from Berber Kabylian parents. He grew up in the sound of bendirs, darbukas, mandole, and yuyus. Many years later, the lure of his roots became too strong to resist. After exploring Andalusia through flamenco, taking a spoonful of freedom through jazz, Kader Fahem finally crosses the Mediterranean sea to make the link with Maghreb’s music. Nomad Project is a musical Gibraltar Straight, that connects the banks of the Mediterranean Sea and opened to the Atlantic jazz.

Line up : Kader Fahem : guitar flamenca, mandol, voices – Bernard Menu : bass – Amar Chaoui : darbuka, bendir, daf, cajon, karkabous


Kader Fahem “Mes deux étoiles” Album “La Route du Sahara”
“The Road to Sahara” Sortie du cd le 06/10/17 #ZyryabProductions #InouiDistribution
Avec Amar Chaoui aux percussions et Bernard Menu à la basse.
Le Comedy Club, Paris. 02 octobre 2017

Teaser présentation du Nouveau Projet de Kader FAHEM avec la sortie de son nouvel album prévu pour mars 2017 !

The road to Sahara


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