The project : Hop Corner

Irish traditional music

Hop Corner is a collective of musicians playing traditional Irish music. Together since 2011, the band has been playing the kind of Irish music you would hear in Ireland’s pubs, drawing its selection of tunes from this country’s vast and rich traditional repertoire. Playing regularly in sessions and on stage, they endeavour to attain the essence of this music: rythm, swing and melody supported by solid accompaniment. Love songs, drinking songs and all kinds of dance tunes: jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, all in an authentic athmosphere.

Julien Coupey or Pierre Helou on Irish wooden flute and tin whistle, Zsófi Várkonyi on fiddle, accordion and voice, Sam Chenal on fiddle, Christopher Peyrafort on guitar, banjo and voice, Fabien Guiloineau on guitar and bouzouki.

A colorful musical voyage.