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ARCANA: The Indo-Jazz Sessions reflects the spirit of India through the prism of jazz. After many years studying with the legendary Indian flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia, Guillaume Barraud explores the sound of the bansuri (Indian flute) with his contemporary jazz quartet.

Surprisingly it was the guitar that French flautist Guillaume Barraud first started playing at a very young age, and it wasn’t until his encounter with the Indian Music Legend Hariprasad Chaurasia that he began to find his voice with the subtle and haunting sound of the Indian bamboo flute (bansuri). From 2001-2006, he spent five years under the maestro’s tutelage in Bombay which inspired him to push the boundaries of the instrument and take the music of the bansuri in a completely new direction.

It was in Paris where Guillaume began searching for new ways to use the bansuri outside its traditional form, getting involved in various creative projects and colaborations. Imbued with the sacred colours of India, ARCANA was almost entirely composed on guitar. A variety of new approaches to composition and improvisation are explored throughout the album with concepts borrowed from both Western and Indian traditions. The result is a real milestone in his musical career as he elegantly integrates the bansuri and its heritage into the context of contemporay jazz.

By 2015, the flautist had formed his own group: Guillaume Barraud Quartet, an international band of virtuoso musicians with British guitarist Tam De Villiers, bassist Johann Berby from Reunion Island and Belgian drummer Xavier Rogé. The album was recorded live in just two days at the former Vogue Studios in Paris and was mixed and mastered by the renowned sound engineers Philippe Tessier Du Cros and Raphael Jonin.


GUILLAUME BARRAUD : bansuri flutes & composition (disciple of the Indian music legend Hariprasad Chaurasia)
TAM DE VILLIERS : electric guitar
JOHANN BERBY : bass (ref: Trilok Gurtu Group)
XAVIER ROGÉ : drums (ref: Ibrahim Maalouf Quintet)


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